MEMBRAcart XL II filter cartridges were developed and validated for the beverage industry to provide secure and reliable removal of spoilage microorganisms. The filter medium is a highly efficient polyethersulfone membrane which, in combination with the construction of the MEMBRAcart XL II filter, ensures excellent service life and filtration results.

The MEMBRAcart XL II is an excellent choice as a final filter prior to bottling or storage of beverages and liquid food products.


  •  Inert filter material can preserve the organoleptic properties of the product
  •  Reliable reduction of microorganisms
  •  Broad chemical compatibility
  •  Repeated sterilization capability for economical operation
  •  Easy to wet with cold water for integrity testing


In order to ensure traceability each filter element is marked on the cage with ordering code and batch number. In addition, every filter cartridge bears an individual number. Product name, removal rating, ordering code and batch number are indicated on the packing label.

Removal Rating

  •  0,2 μm Brevundimonas diminuta > 1010
  •  0,45 μm Serratia marcescens > 109
  •  0,65 μm Saccharomyces cerevisiae > 1010

Materials of Construction

  •  End Caps: Polypropylene
  •  Cage: Polypropylene
  •  Drainage / Support Nonwoven: Polypropylene
  •  Filter Membrane: Polyethersulfone (Hydrophilic)
  •  Core: Polypropylene
  •  Adapter: Polypropylene (Stainless steel ring in adapter 7, 8 and 41)
  •  O-ring Seals: Silicone elastomer

All construction parts of the MEMBRAcart XL II filter are thermo-plastically welded, that means no adhesives are used.

Technical Specifications

Nominal Length Nominal Filter Area
254 mm (10 in.) 0.6 m2 (6.5 ft2)
508 mm (20 in.) 1.2 m2 (13 ft2)
762 mm (30 in.) 1.8 m2 (19.5 ft2)
1016 mm (40 in.) 2.4 m2 (26 ft2)

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