PREcart PP II filter cartridges are extremely robust and high performance pleated depth filters designed for particle removal in food and beverage applications.

The PREcart PP II filter element is designed to meet the high mechanical resistance and compatibility requirements of typical food and beverage production cycles of filtration, sanitization, regeneration and steam sterilization.

It is frequently used in a wide variety of applications requiring excellent particle removal. Satisfying filtrate quality specifications or effectively prolonging the life of downstream final filters, Precart PP II is a proven and versatile solution for the food and beverage industry.

Features Benefits
Pleated polypropylene filter media with graded
density structure and fixed fiber matrix
  •  Consistent and excellent filtrate quality due to highly stable media structure
  •  Long life due to high contaminant holding capacity
  •  Broad chemical compatibility
Superior backflush capability for cartridge
  •  Improves total throughput
  •  Reduces overall operating costs
Extremely robust cartridges, resistant to multiple in
situ steam sterilization and hot water sanitization
  •  Reliable operation
  •  Long service life
Individually serialized cartridges and record controls
  •  Full traceability to materials and production records


  •  Cartridges produced in a controlled environment
  •  Manufactured within a Quality Manufacturing System certified to ISO 9001:2008


Component Description
Filter Medium Polypropylene
Cage, Core, Fin End and End Cap Polypropylene
SOE Style Cartridges only Adaptor Polypropylene with internal stainless steel reinforcing ring
O-ring Seal Silicone Elastomer
Ethylene Propylene Rubber
DOE Style Cartridges only Gaskets Silicone Elastomer
Ethylene Propylene Rubber

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