Compressed air filtration is an elementary component for compressed air treatment and is present more than once in the treatment chain. Compressed air filters remove all types of solid and liquid contaminants from the compressed air in stages, i.e. large amounts of condensate and coarse contamination particles such as rust, abrasion particles, oil droplets and dust are filtered in the first stages and then fine oil mist and fine dust particles are filtered in subsequent stages. Compressed air filters containing activated carbon also remove foul-smelling odours and oil vapour. Specific compressed air filters even remove viruses and germs and thus produce sterile compressed air.

Coarse filter

Removal of large amounts of solid or liquid, coarse contaminants

  •  Efficiency 99,99% (3µ)
Filter elements for the series of FST
  •  12 models
  •  Six filters in scales (details)
  •  2 absorbent (Candles)
  •  4 types (Variations)
  •  HT - High temperature
  •  TC - High temperature (chemically resistant)
  •  EX - High temperature (Chemically resistant / explosion)
  •  Countless filter elements for filters series from other manufacturers

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