Stacked disc modules have a long history in Food and Beverage applications. They arose out of the need to package sheet-based depth filter technology in more user-friendly, modular closed systems, especially for small batch production or medium flow rate applications. Due to the relative high dirt holding capacity and filtration performance of filter sheet-based products, they provided an optimal and cost-effective solution for handling food and beverage fluids.

The filtration effect of these sheet-based products is based on a combination of surface, depth, and adsorptive filtration. Selected combinations of cellulose, different types of filter aids, or other ingredients in the filter matrix result in a highly porous structure, which achieves effective filtration, including coarse to fine particle removal, colloidal removal, and final filtration.

Classic stacked disc modules represent first generation module design, but they have performance disadvantages.

SUPRAdisc II modules eliminate the disadvantages of classic stacked disc modules. They offer increased capacity, reliability, handling advantages, and robustness, which satisfies customer needs and requirements for a higher performing product.

SUPRAdisc II modules are ideal for many food and beverage applications.


  •  Particle Removal
  •  Polishing Filtration
  •  Final Filtration
  •  Particle Removal
  •  Chill Haze Removal
  •  Bottling Filtration
  •  Particle Removal
  •  Polishing Filtration
  •  Filtration after Stabilization
  •  Pre-filtration prior to Final Membrane Filters
Sparkling Wine
  •  Particle Removal
  •  Polishing Filtration
  •  Filtration after Stabilization
  •  Pre-filtration prior to Final Membrane Filters
Fruit Juice
  •  Particle Removal
  •  Polishing Filtration
  •  Filtration after Stabilization
  •  Pre-filtration prior to Final Membrane Filters
  •  Reduction of Alicyclobacillus Acidoterrestris
Sweeteners and Gelatin
  •  Particle Removal
  •  Polishing Filtration
  •  Final Filtration


Sheet Media Type
Applications Examples of use
KS 50, KS 80
Fine Filtration Microorganism reduction and yeast removal in wine
Microorganism reduction in beer with moderate
to high microbial load
Final filtration of juice and juice concentrate prior to bottling
Microorganism reduction in sugar syrups
Microorganism reduction in enzyme solutions
K100, K150, K200,
K250, K300
Polishing Filtration Polishing filtration of wine
Microorganism reduction in beer with low microbial load
Fine filtration of beer and yeast removal
Fine filtration of beer following DE prefiltration
Polishing filtration of beer
Prefiltration of juice prior to final membrane filtration
Haze removal in apple juice before bottling
Polishing filtration of sugar syrups
Polishing filtration of enzyme solutions
Polishing filtration of thick liquor gelatine
Secondary sedimentation prevention in tea
K700, K800, K900 Coarse Filtration Clarification of wine
Particle removal in fruit juice
Particle removal in tea-based beverages
Prefiltration of juice concentrate
Polishing filtration of olive oil
Clarification of enzyme solutions
Clarification of thin liquor gelatine

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