Seitz IR series depth filter sheets were developed to meet the production needs and requirements of the distilled spirits industry.

A visually bright finished product free from visible particles is one of the main objectives of spirits filtration. Components (C12-16 fatty acid esters, terpenes, proteins or their complex compounds with metals and/or phenols) of some spirits may precipitate if calcium ion levels are too high. Magnesium may also cause precipitations in tannin containing spirits like whisky and brandy. Standard filter sheets contain small quantities of these extractable ions from the raw materials. IR Series filter sheets undergo a proprietary treatment that results in extremely low levels of extractable ions making them the ideal solution for distilled spirits applications.

Features Benefits
Homogenous and consistent
media, available in multiple
  •  Suitable for a variety of applications
  •  Proven performance
A combination of surface,
depth and adsorptive
  •  High solids retention
  •  Very good permeability
  •  Excellent filtrate quality
Proprietary treatment which
results in extremely low levels
of extractable ions (calcium, magnesium, iron, aluminum)
  •  Reduced risk of precipitate in distilled spirits
  •  High economic efficiency due to a long service life
Each individual filter sheet is
laser etched with the sheet
grade, batch number and production date
  •  Full traceability



Grade Application
KS 50 IR Polishing filtration in white spirits
K 100 IR Chill filtration of white spirits
K 250 IR Chill filtration of tannin containing spirits or white spirits high in fatty acids
K 800 IR Particle removal



Grade Mass per
Unit Area
Ash Water
KS 50 IR 1350 3.7 46 93 (2.3)
K 100 IR 1400 4.3 51 187 (4.6)
K 250 IR 1250 4.0 46 510 (12.5)
K 800 IR 1250 4.1 46 1275 (31.4)

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