Seitz AKS4 series depth filter sheets were developed to satisfy general purpose carbon adsorption applications in the food and beverage industry.

Powdered activated carbon (PAC) is widely used in the food and beverage industry for adsorption applications. The use of bulk PAC has significant drawbacks relating to the handling of bulk carbon powder, cleaning of the process equipment, as well as time and costs associated with carbon removal from the process.

Seitz AKS immobilized carbon filter media alleviates these concerns by incorporating activated carbon within a matrix of cellulosic fibers. This immobilized carbon media can be coupled with a downstream protective filter paper to prevent any possible carbon particle shedding downstream of the filter. Additionally, the adsorption efficiency of Seitz AKS immobilized carbon filter media is greater than an equivalent amount of bulk powdered activated carbon (PAC), reducing overall process time and increasing product yield. An internal comparative study using the same carbon grade showed up to 150 % better color removal efficiency when compared to bulk PAC.

Features Benefits
Carbon-impregnated media
with a homogeneous
and consistent matrix
  •  Free of carbon dust
  •  Simplified handling and cleaning
  •  When using protection paper downstream, no further trap filtration required
High adsorption efficiency
as compared to PAC
  •  Reduction of overall process time
  •  Increased product yield
  •  Good permeability with excellent filtrate quality
General-duty media
targeted to food
and beverage industry needs
  •  High economic efficiency due to a long service life



  •  Dechlorination of water
  •  Correction of off color, flavor and odors in distilled spirits
  •  Decolorization of sweetener and sugar syrups
  •  Color correction in juice and beer applications
  •  Gelatin decolorization and deodorization


Sheet with
Mass per
Unit Area
Ash Water
No 1050 3.8 13 291 (7.2)
Yes 1050 3.8 13 100 (2.5)

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