KIESEL Agitators are handy and mobile units for mixing liquids of watery viscosity in wine- and champagne-, grape-juice cellars, distilleries as well as in the whole beverage industry. KIESEL Agitators represent a new generation of universal units that are capable of meeting all requirements of the modern cellar economy. The available three sizes may be used for tanks having a capacity ranging from approx. 200 to 80.000 liters.

The special features of these units are the strong engine power, the extremely strong bearings on which the agitator shaft is running, and the robust construction. Useless weight has been avoided to facilitate handling. For KIESEL Agitators special hollow-shaft motors have been engineered to enable an easy interchangeability. Through the hollow-shaft it is possible to retract the agitator shaft so far that the agitator can be screwed on the closed shutoff device (valve, ball cock, tank slide). Then the shutoff device is opened and the agitator shaft is introduced into the tank. This procedure does not cause any loss by leakage or pressure drop.


The engine power ranges from 0.37 to 11 kW.

They can be used in tanks up to 100.000 lt.

The four types are as follows:

  •  RG0 with agitator ability to 15,000 lt
  •  RG01 with agitator ability to 30,000 lt
  •  RG02 with agitator ability to 50,000 lt
  •  RG03 with agitator ability to 80,000 lt


Trolley stirrer bracket so that no great weight accumulation in the wiring of the stirrer tank.

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