Micro- and macro oxygen dosing are defined as the continuous addition of oxygen during various steps of wine production.






  •  Through continuous digital regulation and sensor system that are also being used in medical technology the Oxyboy is independent of the output and input pressure (height of the wine or mash column) and reacts automatically to possible changes in the ambient conditions (e.g decrease of the input pressure due to slow emptying of the oxygen cylinder).
  •  Due to automatic calibration on start-up and temperature compensation the Oxyboy provides highes precision and long-term stability in dosing of the oxygen quantity.
  •  A timer which is as accurate as a Quarz clock prevents a mistaking overdose by stopping the gasing automatically when the period of time preset in the timer has expired.
  •  3 levels of milk flow performance
  •  Integrated temperature measurement allows the definiktion of a range of temperature. If the temperature falls below or above that range, the Oxyboy switches off autmatically. As soon as the preset temperature corridor has been reached again, the Oxyboy of course "knows" what it is expected to do.
  •  High precision input of oxygen is done with the use of fine-pored gassing Frit made out of stainless steel.


Micro oxygen dosing:
  •  This is mainly used in red wine
  •  These quantities correspond to about the same oxygen influence as in barrique wine
  •  The stabilization of the color and the promotion of the tanin-polymerization
  •  By that the red wine becomes softer and smoother
Macro oxygen dosing:
  •  The targeted dosing of oxygen during and at the end of fermentation is called macro-oxygenation and means adding 2-6 mg oxygen per liter wine a day
  •  This procedure is used with red wine as well as with white wine
  •  It has been shown that an addition of oxygen has a positive influence on the final fermentation
  •  Beside the stimulation of the yeast this results also in the stabilization of the red wine color by bolnding the Anthocyanins to Tanins


Oxyboy: the mobile oxygen manager

Mobile Oxygen Manager

Oxybus: fits seamlessly into the complete wine cellar system VinInfo


OxySHU: Central control cabinet with up to 16 dosing channels


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