Especially for applications in the beverage industry.

This new series of centrifugal pumps is made of milled stainless steel plates, steel grade 304L, in a polished construction.

The pumps are normal suction centrifugal pumps, which have to stand below fluid level. They are delivered with a chassis or a base frame. Flanges, DIN screw thread, wine screw thread, RJT screw thread, SMSscrew thread or clamp joints are all connection possibilities.


  •  Stainless steel 1.4301 construction; resulting in a lighter weight, higher corrosion resistance and longer durability
  •  Easily interchangeable, connection dimensions according to DIN 24255
  •  High power output and quite motor via spiral casing and smooth inner walling
  •  Convolution diameter 19 mm
  •  Flange thrust bearing allows high pressure to go through pipe lines during operation
  •  A stable, half-doubled casing offers high resistance to contortion and malformation and eliminates misalignment of rotating parts. The material thickness on every part of the casing is chosen, so that incorrect malformation cannot occure
  •  The ball-shaped casing design allows high internal pressure within the casing and easy construction
  •  The casing does not break or rip even in a frozen state

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